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Starting fresh

I’ve ignored my blog for the better part of a year but hopefully there will be some change now. I have a new project I’ve started up and that’s my own Space marine chapter . I haven’t really named them yet but for now I’ll just name them Hawk Marines. I’m a very lazy and slow painter so the blog will go on but very slowly .

First stage is 3 tacticals 1 sergant and 1 heavy weapons tactical + 3 Jump pack tacticals 1 jump sergant and 1 jump special weapon. Here’s some VIP shots

The first test model


Rest of the tactical

Jump pack troops

How they will look when finished

Beginning of a city

Well this project formed one day when I was siting at work drawing some, and this is what I got

The table will be seperatated in 3 normal tables with 9 individual pieces so it can be used for diffrent sizes of games.

Swordtip formation

This is a little illustration on how a “eldar titan swordtip” formation will look for my titan project.